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Sunday, January 18, 2004

Music Tuition for All

Huntingdonshire Music School was founded in 1966 and has grown into one of the largest and most successful establishments of its type. It runs the only Saturday Morning Music School in the county and for miles beyond that is open to both children and adults. There are more than 460 students with ages ranging from 4 to 83, and at least 35 staff who give individual tuition and direct ensembles.  Lessons take place at Huntingdonshire College on weekday evenings and at the exciting Saturday Morning Music School. There is a flourishing and supportive Huntingdonshire Music School Association.

You may have heard the recent BBC Radio 4 programme, hosted by William Hague, about Late Learners (a very good listen).  Well we cater for late learners.  We can also cater for early learners.  Worried about making noises in public (or at least in front of other people)?  We also cater for terrified learners.  To be honest, whatever kind of learner you are we can cater for you. It is a wonderful thing when (as someone quite a bit over 21!) you sit down for the first time in the preparatory concert band and the very composed young person sitting next to you says “don’t worry if you make a mistake - we all do at times “

Huntingdonshire Music School provides the opportunity for children and adults to learn (or continue to learn) a musical instrument (including the voice) in a relaxed, friendly and social setting.

We cover most types of instrument from classical, jazz to rock and electronic.

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