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Monday, July 23, 2007

How to Listen to the HUMS Aloud Podcast


Here we provide some help for those who’d like to receive our ‘HUMS Aloud’ podcast.

First, to inject a little bit of sanity:-

  • you don’t need to own an iPod or similar Mp3 player in order to listen
  • you do need a computer!
  • when we use the word ‘subscribe’ all we mean issetting up the software on your computer to automatically check for new episodes. If it finds news ones it will then automatically download them for you to listen to when you choose to

What Do I Need?

In order to listen to our podcast you need:-

  • a computer. It doesn’t matter whether it runs Microsoft Windows or the Apple Mac OS X operating systems or indeed Linux
  • a software application that can check for new episodes and download them

Having the patience of a saint or a brain the size of a planet isn’t a necessary requirement, luckily!

How Do I Go About Getting the Podcast?

The following steps are written specifically for use of Apple’s iTunes software (Mac and Windows versions are identical). If you use another piece of software the basic principles should still apply.

  • Get the software and install it. The iTunes software is available free of charge from Apple - click here to go to their site.
  • Install iTunes software that you just downloaded.
  • Run/open the iTunes software application.
  • Select the ‘Podcast’ item in the left hand pane

iTunes application - the 'podcast' item in the left hand pane

  • On the top menu bar, look for ‘Advanced’ and select ‘Subscribe to Podcast

Drop down menu under 'Advanced' allows you to subscribe to a podcast

Enter the address of our HUMS Aloud podcast

  • click on ‘OK’. You should then see the HUMS Aloud podcast appear in the list of podcasts

HUMS Aloud podcast appears in the list of podcasts

That’s all there is to it. iTunes will check from time to time and download new episodes without you having to do anything.

Further Reference

If you want to find other podcasts you can either select ‘iTunes Store’ within iTunes and then ‘Podcasts’ on the page that loads

Navigating to 'Podcast' directory within the iTunes application

or you can visit Podcast Alley and browse.

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