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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Getting Access to and Sharing Our Online Calendars

Subscribe to our shareable calendars and forget the mould!Don’t be a Vegetable - Keep Regular: An Event Shared is an Event Enjoyed

Dear Diary, sat at home today watching the paint blister on the outside porch. I wonder where the rain-water’s going…. perhaps watching the mould grow might add excitement….... I could count the bricks on the side of the garage later ...

If you want more excitement than betting on rain drops (or pooh sticks- a game, not a medical condition wink ) you’ve really got to get out more.

There’s no point in complaining that you "don’t know what’s going on" or "no-one ever tells me.." when you could subscribe to the music college online calendars and stimulate the grey stuff (not the mould) with live music.

Our musical director, a cross between Victor Borge and Tigger,says that anything with a pulse is good for you - and he’s not a vegetarian.[ Both will keep you regular, though - groan. ]

I do hope that he was talking about music ... oh, dear!


We have created and maintain an online calendar:-

  • HUMS - calendar for the Huntingdonshire Music School. Terms times,concerts, exams, socials etc.

This has been done using the iCalendar format so that you can subscribe to the calendar(s) and will then be guaranteed the latest up to date information on your computer without having to enter anything. Any changes we make are automatically picked up by all the subscribers to our calendars.

Often there will be web pages associated with an event. Using one of these applications you can double-click on an event in the calendar and then on the web page address shown (URL) which will take you to a page providing more information.

To subscribe to our calendars you need one of the following software applications:-

All of these are free and can be downloaded and installed easily.

The instructions show you how to install and subscribe to our calendars together with one showing UK holidays.

The 2 basic steps are:-

  1. install an application that will download and update a shareable calendar (iCalendar format)
  2. get (subscribe to) one or more calendars

Thereafter, when you have the application running and it is connected to the Internet, it will check and update the calendars that you’ve loaded.

Step 1 - Installing an iCalendar-aware Application

Thunderbird application logo

Installing Thunderbird E-mail Application and the Lightning Calendar Add-On


  • Download the Thunderbird mail application from
  • Install
  • Start Thunderbird up.
  • Go to the Download/Install Lightning Calendar download page at
  • Download the version of Calendar for the Thunderbird for your computing platform (Windows /Linux /Mac)
    • If you right-mouse click on the download link you can choose where to save it - save it on your desktop.
    • the browser will ask you if you want to allow this - you need to say ‘yes’.
  • After completion start the Thunderbird application and select theTools | Add-Ons (or the Tools| Extensions on the Mac version) menu item.
  • Click on the Install button and point the Install file dialogue at the Lightning add-on you downloaded at step 5 (file ending with .api - should be on your desktop if you followed our advice;-) )
  • Click on the Open button
  • Click on the Install Now button
  • Click on OK
  • Quit and restart Thunderbird
  • Subscribe to our calendars (below)

Sunbird open-source calendar logo

Installing the Sunbird Calendar Application


Step 2 - Adding Calendars

Apple iCal calendar application logoSunbird open-source calendar logo

Click on graphic to find shareable calendars on the iCalShare site

Subscribing to (Adding) Our Online Calendars to Your Application

Now that you have an application on your computer that can capture shareable calendars and display them, you need to add some calendars - ours!

Other calendars are available at iCalShare

See also

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